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Age-related cataract

A cataract is an ocular condition characterized by the loss of transparency of the crystalline lens, which allows us to focus images on the retina.

This condition can cause a slight hyperopia or myopia and other symptoms such as:

  • Faded or blurred vision;
  • Altered perception of colors;
  • Loss of contrast;
  • Poor vision in dim light and / or at night;
  • Double vision;
  • Hypersensitivity to sunlight;
  • Glare.

What are the risks?

If no action is taken, the lens can become opaque to the point of preventing the passage of light inside the eye and causing a condition of real blindness. The symptoms caused by cataracts can be eliminated with surgery.Cataracts should not be allowed to develop to the extent that they interfere with normal daily and work activities, as this could lead to a risk of falls and accidents.

How it is diagnosed?

An in-depth eye examination can highlight the presence and stage of evolution of the cataract, assess the most appropriate time to perform surgery and establish the parameters of the artificial lens to be implanted in place of the lens.

How to intervene?

Cataract can be treated with surgery, which allows the removal of the opacified lens and its replacement with a perfectly transparent artificial lens.Cataract surgery lasts about 10-15 minutes, is minimally invasive and completely painless and in the vast majority of cases ensures the restoration of clear and sharp vision. [...]

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