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Eye Surgery

Experience and innovation in eye surgery

The long experience in the field of eye surgery and the use of last generation instruments and techniques allow us to achieve full therapeutic success in the treatment of the main eye diseases.

Crystalline with cataract

Cataract surgery

Cataracts commonly occur with ageing and can cause significant visual deficits. Fortunately, an extremely sophisticated but at the same time routine surgery is nowadays available that allows to eliminate the problem in a few minutes.

Macular hole

Macular hole is a real "hole" in the center of the retina. Its formation can cause vision loss and requires emergency surgery. The post-operative period is challenging and essential for the correct healing of the retina and the good recovery of vision.

Macular hole
Atropic maculopathy

Dry age-related macular degeneration

Atrophic age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is the most common form of AMD and in the industrialized world it is the main cause of low vision and legal blindness in people over 60. Several lines of research and innovative and promising therapeutic strategies are emerging for this pathology.

Wet age-related macular degeneration

Exudative age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is the most severe and fast evolving form of AMD. After the age of 50, especially in case of familiarity, particular attention must be put on monitoring of the retina, in order to be able to intervene by treatment with intravitreal injections of anti-VEGF drugs ...

The exudative maculopathy

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