Surgeries and Tests

Rome Vision Clinic has at its disposal several decades of clinical experience and a long academic activity of international research, which enables us to be always familiar with the latest pharmacological, para-surgical and surgical innovations existing worldwide. Any proposed therapeutic course will always be the result of an in-depth exhaustive discussion with the patient.  RVC divides its activity between a diagnostic centre of excellence and some highly specialized structures mainly devoted to the surgical activity, diagnostic tests and minimally invasive treatments.

Surgeries and Maculopathy

Rome Vision Clinic performs treatments for macular degeneration linked to age (AMD) both of the atrophic and exudative types. The treatment of atrophic maculopathy consists in a sub-threshold laser (2RT®) of new generation; the treatment of exudative maculopathy consists in a surgery through the use of drugs [farmacochirurgia ], i.e. injections of anti-VEGF on label (Lucentis and Eylea) into the eyes.

Intervento per il foro maculare

Surgeries for the Treatment of the Macular Hole

This retinal pathology, if not treated, determines the central loss of the vision. Several stages of the macular hole exist, which evolve in proportion to the loss of the central vision. Therefore, it is necessary to intervene as soon as possible, through a vitrectomy surgery, in order to avoid a serious irreversible damage to the vision.

Intervento per il distacco di retina

Surgeries for the Retinal Detachment

The retinal detachment is a true eye emergency that needs to be timely treated.  Rome Vision Clinic makes it possible to have a personalized assistance that is active at any time, 24 hours per day, ensuring the possibility to perform the surgery (cerclage and vitrectomy) in the shortest possible time, compatibly with the needs of the patient.

Intervento per il glaucoma

Surgeries for treating the Glaucoma

Rome Vision Clinic provides 360 degree assistance to its patients suffering from glaucoma both in the acute and in the chronic phase of the pathology. When the pharmacologic therapy that provides for the topical use of eye drops is no longer sufficient, it is possible to intervene with laser treatments on an out-patient basis or surgeries, which will be performed in the various types exclusively in the operating room.

Difetti refrattivi

Laser Surgeries for Refractive Defects

For those patients which are unable to obtain an optimum correction with glasses or are intolerant to contact lenses, it is possible today to reduce or fully avoid all refractive defects (myopia, hypermetropia and astigmatism), through refractive surgery executed by excimer laser and different types of surgery (PRK, i-LASIK, SMILE).

Intervento di cataratta

Surgeries for treating the Cataract

After executing accurate pre-surgery tests, it is possible to identify the most adequate type of surgery and the type of crystalline lens (IOL) to be used for the replacement.   Rome Vision Clinic, following a concept of personalized medicine, will guide the patient to the restoration of the best visual conditions that can be obtained.

analisi di laboratorio-romevisionclinic

Instrumental Tests

Rome Vision Clinic uses state-of-the-art equipment and last generation diagnostic instruments. Care and attention in the collection of anamnesis and precision in the execution and evaluation of the diagnostic tests enable us to offer each patient the application of the best procedures recognized at an international level.

test genetici

Genetic Tests

Many eye diseases have a genetic base and, therefore, can be inherited and transmitted  through several generations.

The genetic analysis performs an important prevention work that enables us to identify the genetic predisposition of an individual and detect any latent or asymptomatic pathology for the purpose of intervening as soon as possible with the most adequate treatments in order to slow down the progress of the disease and, where possible, prevent its occurrence.  


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