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We offer the gold standard in ophthalmological diagnostics and therapy by applying the most innovative and effective medical-scientific know-how, methods and technologies among those acquired and validated by the international ophthalmic community

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Our hallmarks

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The patient at the center of care

The patient's needs are our top priority throughout the entire process, ranging from the recording of the medical history to diagnosis and, when necessary, therapy.

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Over 40 years of experience

Our way of working is based on many decades of experience in research, clinical practice and surgical activity carried out in Italy, Germany and the USA.

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Multidisciplinary approach

Our specialists collaborate synergistically with each other and with external specialists in order to convey the state of the art of all the specialties useful for the patient's therapeutic success.

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Continuous innovation

We adopt the most advanced instruments, methods and therapies as they evolve and are validated by the international scientific community.

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Use of molecular genetics

We always refer to the know-how in molecular genetics and, where possible, we apply the principles of predictive medicine and personalized medicine.

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Genetic tests

We offer the chance to undergo the latest generation genetic tests for age-related macular degeneration, keratoconus, corneal dystrophies and inherited retinal diseases.

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Participation in research and clinical studies

We actively participate in ophthalmological research and clinical studies and closely observe all research developments in this area

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Prestigious partnerships

The collaboration with eminent scientists belonging to Universities and Research Institutes among the most prestigious in the world allows us to continuously increase our know-how.

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Patient education

We provide our patients with information and explanations that help them better understand their pathology, allowing them to make awarer choices and face the therapeutic path with greater serenity.

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Availability 24/7

In case of emergency, we are available every day of the week, 24 hours a day.

Hi-tech room sanitising

To stay safe
also during the pandemic

We take care of our patients also by making the waiting and visiting rooms safe, thanks to the adoption of measures that are effective in preventing the risk of infection from SARS-CoV-2. In addition to the classic sanitizing methods used to clean all the instruments and surfaces, we have equipped ourselves with an innovative air sanitization system, capable of removing over 99.98% of any airborne viruses and bacteria that may be present. In the surgical room, on the other hand, there is a horizontal laminar flow hood that eliminates 99.9% of airborne microorganisms, protecting both the patient and the healthcare staff.

Intervento di chirurgia oftalmica

We take care of your eyes

Our staff takes care of your eyes from the moment you enter our facility: from the reception to the entire process that goes from the anamnesis to the diagnosis and any therapeutic path, the patient always remains at the center of our priorities. We strongly believe that for all patients comfort and attention to their needs are an essential complement to medical know-how, and the therapeutic successes and the degree of satisfaction of our patients are a demonstration of this.

Meet our team

Our team speaks your language

Some members of our staff speak more than one language and we look forward to welcoming and helping our international patients in their native language


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