Retinal Artery Occlusion


The occlusion of the central retinal artery occurs frequently, but not exclusively, in elderly people, in men and in individuals presenting mutations of the coagulation factors. This condition can be caused by a clot or, in less frequent cases, by a prolonged spasm of the walls of the retinal artery.  The clot that causes the CRAO can originate at the carotids level, in the presence of atherosclerosis (which represents one of the principal risk factors for this ocular pathology) but also at the cardiac level in the presence of certain pathologies.


There exist some emergency therapeutic approaches that include an eyeball massage, the fibronolytic therapy also known as thrombolytic therapy, aimed at the dislocation/removal of the blood clot, and vasodilators or cortisone drugs. Unfortunately these are inefficient in most cases and, however, must be set up within 4-6 hours after the appearance of the symptoms.


If you believe that you are suffering from this pathology or you have any doubts that you wish to be clarified you can contact us.


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