Non-Proliferating Diabetic Retinopathy


The DME can cause very serious damage to the macular area, the region of the retina that is responsible for the central vision, and is the main cause of legal blindness in working age people.

The DME is due to the alteration of the capillary permeability caused by a high concentration of blood glucose (hyperglycemia) that is often to be found in diabetic patients. At the retinal level, in fact, hyperglycemia extended over time determines conditions of retinal hypoxia that has for its consequence an excessive production of molecules referred to as growth factors, among which the  vascular endothelium growth factor (VEGF) is vested with particular importance; it promotes the growth and permeability of the blood vessels.

In patients suffering from DME an excessive permeability of the retinal blood vessels occurs, with exudation and accumulation of fluids under the retina and consequent formation of macular edema, retinal ischemia, micro aneurysms and retinal hemorrhages.


The treatment more commonly used for fighting DME is the ablation of the peripheral ischemic retinal areas that produce VEGF by means of panretinal photocoagulation laser (PRP). This procedure contributes to avoiding a further reduction of the vision, but not to the recovery of the lost visual functionality.

The understanding of cellular and molecular mechanisms that are at the base of the onset of the diabetic macular edema has permitted the research of new alternative therapies, above all of a pharmacologic type, opening very promising paths for the treatment of DME, such as in the case of  slow  release intravitreal steroid implants.

The individuals suffering from diabetes mellitus must pay particular attention to the prevention of this terrible pathology through a scrupulous control of blood risk factors, in particular blood glucose, but also high blood pressure and hyperlipidemia. This permits to avoid or at least delay as much as possible the arising of serious complications deriving from diabetic retinopathy.


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