Macular Pucker


The macular pucker is an eye pathology caused by the formation of warped or contracted scar tissue at the level of the interface between the vitreous and the retina, more precisely in the macular area, i.e. the central area of the retina that is responsible for a fine detailed vision. The scar tissue in the initial phases is warped and causes a traction on the macular area, which causes symptoms such as distorted or blurry vision, straight lines can appear wavy and there can be the possible presence of a grey area in the centre.


If the traction on the macula increases, the macular pucker progresses thus causing not only the arising of more serious visual symptoms, but also the risk to develop a macular hole. Should this be the case, it is necessary to intervene urgently through the execution of a vitrectomy, a surgery thanks to which it is possible to eliminate the macular pucker and avoid the danger of a macular hole, restoring a normal central vision.


If you believe that you are suffering from this pathology or you have any doubts that you wish to be clarified you can contact us.


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