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Rome Vision Clinic (RVC) is an ophthalmological Centre that is born from the mixing of scientific research and clinical practice. Mission of the Centre is to fight ocular pathologies and safeguard the visual quality of its patients availing itself of innovative diagnostic and treatment methods that are of proven effectiveness.

RVC actively participates in international research projects the results of which are shared by a scientific community of excellence and transformed into a continuous optimization of clinical and surgical practice.

Rome Vision Clinic (RVC) offers its patients a correct timely diagnosis giving them the possibility to immediately access the most appropriate therapy avoiding that a delay in the treatment may cause the arising of a permanent visual impairment.

The choice of the therapeutic strategy is set according to the criteria of personalized medicine or identifying the most suitable therapy on the basis of the genetic characteristics of the patient, increasing in this way the possibility to achieve a full therapeutic success.

The Structure

Rome Vision Clinic is a multi-purpose Centre specialized in clinical and surgical ophthalmology. Here professionalism, experience and care of details merge in order to offer a unique personalized experience able to adjust to the specific needs of each patient.

State-of-the art instrumentation and a highly qualified medical team will be at your disposal in order to follow you in a personalized diagnostic treatment process that ensures to your eyes the best solution existing today.


The Professor

In more than thirty years of academic and professional career, Prof. Andrea Cusumano has built an important Ophthalmology Centre in the heart of Rome, in which he is able to transfer to his patients the international experience acquired in the years of his long work and university activity in Italy and abroad.

As he often loves to underline, the centre reflects his medical philosophy, which may be summarized as follows:

“German rigor, US organization and Italian style.”

The Team

Our team comprises multi-certified professionals with several high profile academic experiences, in Italy and abroad.

A selected team, created in order to offer our patients, children and adults, a high standard of quality during the entire diagnostic-therapeutic course, which ranges from the reception at the Clinic to the handling of the different pathologies and their rehabilitation.

A central element of our work is the restoration of the visual functionality of the patient and his/her autonomy.


Diagnosis in real time

You will leave our clinic with a sure diagnosis and a personalized therapeutic program..

The best technologies

You have the possibility to avail yourself of strumentazione all’avanguardia for the defense of your eyes.

More than forty years experience

Rely on our experienced team that is continuously updating itself on the latest technologies and therapies.

State-of-the-art therapies

With us you will be able to use the last generation drugs and treatments.

Genetic tests

In our Clinic you will be able to consult with a geneticist who will guide you in the screening of the maculopathy and of other pathologies.

Prestigious Partnerships

We cooperate with the principal Institutes and Research Centres worldwide..

24 hours on call

Our Centre is at your disposal every time you need us.

A surgery that listens to you

A surgery that adjusts to each individual need of the patient before, during and after the surgery.

Our availability

Dovunque tu sia siamo in grado di assisterti con una rete internazionale di professionisti affiliati e a tua disposizione.

Your opinion is important for us

A constant improvement is one of our main targets: let us have your comment.



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Marco Brancaleoni Avatar

great studio very cozy, just a little bit expensive.

Marco Brancaleoni 4/30/2021
Daniele Nobile Avatar

It is difficult to express in words the sense of humanity, kindness and protection that Professor Cusumano transmits to his... Leggi tutto

Daniele Nobile 12/21/2020
giorgio Esposito Avatar

Molto professionale ha seguito me e mio figlio con ottimi risultati e ancora oggi è il nostro oculista di fiducia.

giorgio Esposito 6/18/2020
Antonella Fanali Avatar

È un privilegio ed una fortuna aver incontrato il Prof. Cusumano e stabilito un rapporto di assoluta fiducia poiché la... Leggi tutto

Antonella Fanali 6/17/2020


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