The orthoptists of Rome Vision Clinic are highly qualified, selected and formed professional figures for offering our patients a very high standard of quality throughout the period of assistance from the reception in our clinic to the handling of the various pathologies.

Graduated in “Orthoptics and Ophthalmological Assistance” and with long training periods and professional experience, our doctors are able to offer particular care and attention in the collection of the anamnesis and preparation of the patient for the execution of the diagnostic tests, expertise and preparation in the use of the sophisticated instruments present in the Clinic, ability and precision in the execution and evaluation of the diagnostic tests. Our team is also specialized in such sectors as prevention and care of visual defects in children and adolescents, the rehabilitation of visually impaired patients, assistance in pre- and post-surgery.

Dr. Erika Martini

After the classical studies, Dr. Erika Martini graduated at Rome University Tor Vergata as Orthoptist and ophthalmological assistant, discussing the experimental thesis “Evaluation of the retinal functionality through electroretinogram after 2RT ® laser treatment in patients suffering from intermediate AMD”.  The constant commitment in the research activity with the team of Prof. Cusumano led her to concentrate her efforts on the research of experimental protocols to be applied to innovative technologically advanced therapies for all the types of retinal pathologies, in particular within the scope of clinical genetics.

Dr. Federica Tortelli

Her curiosity towards the “eye-brain system” was the principal motor that led Dr. Tortelli to obtain a diploma as Optician Optometrist from the Edmondo De Amicis Institute in Rome and to graduate later in “Orthoptics and Ophthalmological  Assistance” at Rome University   “La Sapienza” with an experimental thesis on the “Rehabilitation of the visually impaired patient through visual Biofeedback”.

Dr. Jacopo Sebastiani

Dr. Sebastiani chose to undertake university studies in “Orthoptics and Ophthalmological Assistance” encouraged by personal experience, which directed his interest towards the ophthalmology sector. Dr.Sebastiani studied at Rome “Tor Vergata” University, where he obtained a degree presenting a thesis with the title “Study of sensibility to contrast in patients suffering from central visual deficit sustained by neovascular AMD and diabetic macular edema”.

Dr. Paola Caldarelli

Dr. Caldarelli followed since very young a course of studies devoted to her passion for optical physics and this led her to obtain a university degree in  “Orthoptics and Ophthalmological Assistance” at Rome “Tor Vergata” University with a thesis on “The photodynamic therapy (PDT) with  Verteporfin in the treatment of coroidal neovascularization: retrospective clinical trial”.

Public Relations

Cristiana Pacifici

She coordinates and integrates the activities of the Clinic in their different components, representing a precious element in the harmonization of the relationships and competences, in particular offering assistance to those patients who present particular difficulties or needs.


Carolina Piacquadio

She obtained a Master Degree in Political Sciences with administrative specialization from the faculty of Rome University “La Sapienza”. Remaining faithful to her address, within the Clinic she performs the administration and accounting activity. Last but not least, she takes care of the patient’s reception offering assistance in clarifying any doubts and perplexities.

Scientific Advisors

Dr. Jung Hee Levialdi Ghiron

Dr. Levialdi Ghiron, scientific advisor of Rome Vision Clinic, is a molecular biologist author of many research projects at a national and international level. In the last few years of her Ph.D, Dr. Levialdi Ghiron was interested in the application of biology to the medical field and carried out post-graduate research activity at the CNR in Rome and Milan and at the Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) in Hamburg, Germany. At the Rome Vision Clinic, Dr. Levialdi Ghiron assists Prof. Cusumano in his research activities, collaborates with her orthoptists colleagues in the medical writing activity and in the management of international patients and promotes popular science writing informative texts and articles on ocular pathologies, the techniques and ophthalmologic treatments.

Prof. Emiliano Giardina

Prof. Emiliano Giardina, Associated Professor in Medical Genetics, is Director of the Forensic Genetics Laboratory at Rome Tor Vergata University and Director of the Genomic Medicine Laboratory UILDM at the Santa Lucia IRCCS Foundation where advanced genomic analyses are realized.
He received the prize “Cavalierato Giovanile” for the scientific contributions offered in the field of medical genetics. He defined and validated several innovative protocols for the genetic characterization of ocular diseases and developed protocols for the application of pharmacogenomics in clinical practice.

Dr. Raffaella Cascella

Dr. Raffaella Cascella obtained the title of Research Doctor in “Advanced Technologies in biomedicine” at the Medicine and Surgery Faculty of Rome Tor Vergata University. She carries out research activity in the field of genetically derived ocular pathologies at Rome Tor Vergata University and at the Genomic Medicine Laboratory UILDM of Santa Lucia IRCCS  Foundation. She is author and joint author of many scientific works published in international magazines and collaborated to the development and validation of numerous diagnostic protocols for the study of ocular diseases and for the application of pharmacogenomics to the clinical practice.


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