Why Rome Vision Clinic

Rome Vision Clinic (RVC) is an ophthalmological center born from the encounter between scientific research and clinical practice. The mission of the center is to combat ocular pathologies and safeguard the visual quality of patients and this is accomplished by using innovative and proven effective diagnostic and therapeutic methods. RVC actively participates in international research projects whose results are shared and discussed by an excellent scientific community and translated into an optimization of clinical and surgical practice.
Rome Vision Clinic offers all its patients a correct and timely diagnosis to give the opportunity to promptly access the most appropriate therapy, avoiding that a therapeutic delay can be responsible for permanent visual deficits. The choice of the therapeutic strategy is set according to the criteria of personalized medicine, that is, identifying the most suitable therapy based on the patient’s genetic characteristics, thus increasing the chances of achieving full therapeutic success.

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How to reach Rome Vision Clinic by public service

  • Nearest Metro Station

    The nearest metro station is “Flaminio” served by lina A.

  • The nearest train station

    The nearest tram station is “Ankara-Tiziano” served by the tram number 2.

  • The nearest bus station

    The nearest bus station is “Vignola” served by 910

  • Nearest Taxi Station

    The major Taxi company in Rome are:

    Radio Taxi, Tel: 3570. Pronto Taxi, Tel: 066645


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